You wish to consult directly the scales of hives and exchange with beekeepers? You wish to know with precision the Honeydew around you ?

Choose the LOISIR formula. For 20€/year you will have access to :
- the follow-up of the department of your choice (including Corsica) or a region of Wallonia.
- hundreds of hive scales in free access put at your disposal by their owners.



The SIARP has launched an important program of deployment of hive scales on the whole of Ile de France. The purpose of this program is to characterize the honeydews of all the departments of Ile de France. This program is financed by the Ile de France region. After 3 years of preparation this program is finally taking shape with the progressive installation of scales Connected beekeeping in all the Ile de France. The data provided by these scales are accessible with the LOISIRS formula


The CARI has been very active for many years in the analysis of honeydews in Wallonia, Belgium. Historically the CARI had invested in a network of CAPAZ scales . During the last 20 years this network of scales has been a great tool to deepen the knowledge of the Belgian honeydews and their evolution in the face of climate change. These analyses have been the subject of numerous publications and conferences(see CARI event).

Precursor in the analysis of honeydew, THE CARI is taking a new step forward with a program to equip 200 to 400 hives on a scale to cover the whole of Wallonia in detail. This project is financed by the Walloon Apiculture Program (European program to support beekeeping). The CARI is a partner of MeteoMiel and offers preferential membership conditions to MeteoMiel.


THE HONEY PLATFORM connects consumers and French beekeepers. Sophie, an amateur beekeeper working in the digital sector, is at the origin of the project. She wanted to develop a useful and beneficial service for beekeepers and consumers. It is important to her to promote the know-how and the passion of French beekeepers. Sophie offers a reduced rate access to all the services of the platform for the subscribers of MeteoMiel.

BEE ABEILLE manages beehives in companies since 2016 in Grenoble and Lyon. Its founder and manager Bruno GERELLI decided to put at your disposal its 20 beehive scales for free. Whether you are in the Grenoble or Lyon area, there is certainly a hive scale near you. Bruno will be delighted to help you to better manage your colonies.